Rapid Growth for Google and their Mobile Application Marketplace

Rapid Growth for Google and their Mobile Application Marketplace

Google’s Android Mobile Application Marketplace Tops 200K Applications

Mobile Application Developers and Experts have been stunned by the recent growth of Google’s Android Marketplace within the past few months. It is no surprise that the mobile application industry has been growing at a fast pace but a recent report from Google shows that the industry may be growing faster than anyone originally predicted. In a matter of months, Google’s Android Marketplace has doubled in size and now has more than 200,000 mobile applications available to users (as of December 2010) compared to just 100,000 mobile applications in October of 2010.

This is a major swing in the mobile application industry since Apple iPhone App Marketplace has been long known as the most dominant mobile application marketplace for the past few years. When Google’s Android Marketplace debuted in October of 2008, it started with only 34 mobile applications and nine mobile gaming applications but things started picking up pace for Google when it started accepting mobile applications from third party mobile application developers in February of 2009. Within one month, the Android Mobile Application Marketplace had reported to having 2,300 mobile applications and that number continued to go up to 20,000 mobile applications by the end of 2009.

Apple and its iPhone Mobile Application Marketplace is now facing stiff competition from Google and its Android Mobile Application Marketplace which seems to be picking up more momentum when compared to its competitor. Yes, Apple’s Mobile Application Marketplace is still considered the largest source for mobile applications (with an estimated 300,000 + mobile applications available to download) but as Google continues to build on its momentum, it will not be long before Google’s Android Marketplace is the number one mobile application marketplace in the mobile industry.

With an estimated 300,000 Android Mobile devices being activated everyday (compared to 200,000 activations just a few months back); Google’s vice-president of engineering feels confident that Google and its Android Mobile Application Marketplace is heading in the right direction for years to come. The Mobile Application Industry is starting to become very competitive with powerful companies such as Google and Apple leading the way but other dominant companies such as Windows (Windows Phone 7), Palm, and RIM (Blackberry) are also starting to push heavily on expanding their own mobile application marketplace in hopes of achieving the success that Google and Apple has had with their mobile application marketplaces.

A few years back very few predicted that the mobile application industry would generate as much demand as it does today and just like the dotcom boom in the 90’s, the companies who jumped on the mobile application bandwagon early on are the ones who have truly reaped the benefits of what the mobile industry has to offer. What the future holds for these companies and their Mobile Application Marketplaces is still to be determined but all indications are pointing to the Mobile Application Industry as heading in the right direction and with a bright future ahead.

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