Shopping Malls Experimenting with Mobile Applications

Shopping Malls Experimenting with Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps Venturing into the Shopping Mall Industry

In hopes of making shopping more convenient for shoppers, many shopping malls across the United States are now experimenting with mobile applications as a way to help shoppers throughout busy malls. The mobile application is expected to be released in the near future and the mobile app will be designed to help shopper navigate to stores within the shopping mall as well as the malls parking lots. The mobile application will also have the ability to find bargains and sales throughout the shopping mall.

The development and deployment of these mobile applications is considered a way to combat against the rapidly growing online retail market as many shopping malls have been losing revenue lately due to the convenience of online shopping compared to the hassles of going to a shopping mall and dealing with issues such as parking and long lines. Although mobile apps are still relatively new, the Simon Property Group Inc has experimented with Shopkick, Inc – a rewards mobile application in almost half of Simon’s 338 properties and said it plans on developing their own mobile application that will offer group discounts in the near future as well.

Mobile application and Smartphone users see these mobile applications as a great idea and many shoppers who use mobile apps claim that they will support this mobile application idea and use it when they are in shopping malls. At the same time, mobile application developers and mobile application “experts” see a lot of potential in this mobile application idea and believe there is the opportunity for great success and revenue to be generated by the mobile application. One mobile application developer stated that: “this application has the opportunity to have many add-on features that a user can purchase and download onto their Smartphone device such as the ability to scan/purchase items instead of standing in line, the ability to order food from the food courts while waiting in line, the ability to check for different sizes at different locations” and many more ideas. Although it will still be a while before these ideas get considered and developed, mobile application developers see this as an extremely efficient mobile application that will serve many shoppers throughout the United States.

The mobile application industry is heading in the right direction and they continue to penetrate and influence other industries throughout the United States. The mobile app industry as well as major Smartphone Manufacturers such as Apple (iPhone, iPad), Google (Android), Microsoft (Windows Phone 7) and RIM (Blackberry) are going to experience major benefits and increased revenue and the future certainly looks bright for them. Mobile application developers can expect to see mall mobile applications available throughout shopping malls across the United States in the near future and will only be a matter of time before different add-on features and functionalities are also available for users to download and install onto their mobile application and Smartphone device.