Shortage of Mobile Application Developers?

Some Issues which Mobile App Development Firms are Facing

Many mobile application development firms and groups of mobile application developers are getting so many incoming mobile app development projects that they are finding the need to hire more mobile application developers to keep up with the demand which is coming in. Many mobile application development firms and mobile app developers knew in advance that the mobile application industry is growing and is in high demand but they did not expect the demand for mobile applications to be this much. Some mobile application development firms and mobile app developers actually have to turn away some clients because they do not have enough resources to take on mobile application development projects.

The obvious solution to the issue of shortage of mobile application developers is to hire more mobile app developers but there are two key issues which mobile application development firms and mobile application developers are facing when attempting to hire new mobile app developers. The first issue, which they are encountering, is that it is very hard to find quality mobile application developers who can instantly start working on projects and start developing mobile applications. Most mobile application development firms spend a few months training their mobile application developers to ensure they know the proper mobile app development processes before having them work on real client projects but with so much incoming demand for mobile application development, these mobile application development firms are having trouble finding time to train their mobile app developers and are stuck in a position where they need to throw them onto a mobile app development project right away without knowing how good that specific mobile app developer is. This can be a very risky investment for the mobile app development firm but sometimes there is no choice and these mobile app development firms would rather take on a project uncertain how well the mobile application will be developed rather than lose the client to another mobile application development firm.

The second issue which mobile app development companies and mobile application developers are facing is communication. A lot of mobile app development companies based in the United States outsource their mobile app development to countries such as India and China and one common issue which has been arising is the language barriers between the mobile application developer (or mobile application development firm) located overseas and the client. For that reason, it is wise for most mobile application development firms to ensure they are hiring mobile app developers who have proper English/Grammar skills and are able to communicate with the clients in a professional manner. If they cannot communicate with their clients in an efficient and effective manner, then not only does it make the mobile application development firm look bad but it also will give the client a reason to get their mobile application developed by a different mobile application developer or mobile application development firm.

With a booming industry like the mobile application development industry, issues and obstacles like this will always arise but fortunately for mobile application development firms and mobile app developers, these issues are the best type of issues to have because it shows that they (mobile application developers) are in a growing industry where there is a lot of demand. Most mobile application developers would agree that they would much rather have an influx of mobile application development request rather than none at all.

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