Shortage of Quality Mobile Application Developers

The mobile application industry is getting so large that many mobile application development firms are now actively seeking to hire new mobile application developers to assist with their mobile application development and various other mobile/tablet development projects that they are getting requests for. While this is certainly a good thing for mobile application development firms, mobile application developers and the mobile application industry; it is also bringing a lot of stress to these mobile application development firms because they are unsure if they can find quality and experienced mobile application developers who they can hire to work on mobile app projects for their clients.

One major issue which hiring new mobile application developers is their experience level. Since the mobile application industry is still a fairly young industry, there are not a lot of experienced mobile application developers that can be found and hired as easily as software developers or hardware engineers. For the reason, many mobile application development firms need to ensure that they are doing a proper background check and hiring mobile app developers who have been trained and worked on previous mobile application projects before getting thrown into the a client’s project which potentially can have a lot of value in it. One mobile application development firm recently stated that the only way to know if an individual is a quality mobile application developer is to have him develop a few sample mobile applications or work on an actually pre-existing mobile application and see if the mobile app developer can add more functionalities to it or remove certain features from the mobile application.

Another issue which many mobile application development firms are facing when looking for mobile application developers is finding them; since the mobile application industry is fairly new, there are not a large number of mobile application developers ready for hire and the demand for mobile application developers are so high, there is a good chance that if there is an unemployed mobile application developers on the market, it will not be long until he or she finds a position at a mobile application development firm. One mobile application developer recently stated: “It is unbelievable the demand for mobile application developers and how easy it is for them to find a job. At the same time there are not a lot of mobile application developers out there so their value is at an all time high right now. If any mobile application developer can get a job at a major corporation or an up and coming start-up, then they will def have a step ahead in the game and have the opportunity to leverage this industry in their favor”

Although it is impossible to predict what the future holds, it is clear to see that the mobile app development industry is growing and will continue to expand into the future. The demand and need for mobile application developers are at an all time high and that trend is not expected to slow down anytime in the near future. One of the best industries for college students to get into right now is the mobile application development industry and if they can start a career in mobile application development, then it is safe to say that they have a very good chance of having a bright future ahead of themselves. Quality mobile application developers are out there, it is a matter of filtering out the poor ones and finding the good ones.

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