Software Developers Venture into the Mobile Application Industry

Software Developers Venture into the Mobile Application Industry

Increase in Mobile Application Developers Rising

The mobile application industry is growing everyday as new mobile application developers enter the market hoping to strike it big with the next mobile application. There is a lot of potential in this booming industry and that is driving many software developers to stop investing their time in developing software for personal computers and now focusing their attention on developing software and mobile apps for Smartphone devices. In fact, the numbers of mobile application developers are expected to surpass the number of software computer developers in the following years; and a large part of that can be linked to the high demand and popularity of mobile applications and Smartphone’s on the market today.

With such a high influx of mobile application developers entering the market, one question which often comes up between mobile application “experts” is: will there be more mobile application developers then there is a need for? Is the mobile application industry going to be overloaded with mobile application developers? Well the answer which many mobile application/Smartphone “experts” are standing by is; no, there will not be an overload of mobile application developers in the market and the mobile industry is growing so fast and has the potential to be so large that there will be a need for as many mobile application developers as possible.

With so much potential and revenue to be made from mobile apps and Smartphone’s, that is one of the primary reasons why computer/software developers feel that it is worth the risk to venture into the mobile application industry and focus less attention towards computer software. Also fortunately for computer developers, the transition between computer software and mobile software is pretty smooth so the adjustments they need to make on the engineering side is not as difficult as it may seem. Once a software developer is able to understand the functionalities of various Smartphones such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Phone 7, they should have a very small adjustment period with the engineering of the specific mobile apps they wish to development.

The mobile application industry is expected to grow more then 500% in the next five years and unlike other industries where only the large powerhouse corporations dominate a majority of the playing field; the mobile application industry is growing to a point where both large and small companies/corporations/independent developers will have the potential to strike it big with various mobile apps such as mobile gaming applications, location-based mobile applications, enterprise mobile applications and many more. With so much potential, it is clear to see why so many computer software developers are excited and intrigued about the opportunity to start developing mobile apps rather than computer software applications.

The future for mobile application developers is bright and even with the influx of other computer developers that are venturing into the mobile application industry, there certainly is enough demand and room in the mobile application industry for every developer to have a chance to succeed and potentially develop the next big mobile application.

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