The Growing Mobile Application Industry

The Growing Mobile Application Industry

Mobile Application Developers Looking Forward to Future

Every day there are new figures that are released that predict the direction that the mobile application industry is taking. Most recently, a study done by Gartner revealed some more figures that further give evidence of the popularity, demand and potential the mobile application industry. In the following paragraphs, we will briefly examine this Gartner study and also further elaborate on the mobile application industry.

According to statistics revealed form Gartner’s study, Apple and their iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace still has superiority in the mobile application industry when it comes to downloads and mobile applications purchases. In fact, Gartner’s study revealed that nine out of ten mobile applications that were downloaded in 2010 came from the Apple Mobile Application Marketplace. Yes, it is true that many would have predicted that Apple would still be leading the way in mobile application downloads but not many would have predicted that 90% of mobile application downloads would still be coming from one Mobile Application Marketplace. With Google and Microsoft recently releasing their Android and Windows Phone 7 mobile device platforms, many mobile application developers felt a shift would start occurring in the mobile application marketplace as more individuals would start downloading mobile applications from other Smartphone devices such as the Android, Windows Phone 7 or even the Blackberry in addition to the iPhone.

Another optimistic figure for the mobile application industry is that in 2010, Mobile applications reached a totally of 8.2 billion downloads globally that generated a total revenue of about $5.2 billion. As great as these numbers are, mobile application developers are expecting 2011 to blow those numbers away. In fact, Gartner’s report predicts that in 2011, the revenue generated from mobile applications will triple (reaching $15.1 billion) and the number of downloads will also increase from 8.2 billion to 17.7 billion mobile application downloads. This trend of mobile application demand and popularity will not be stopping anytime soon as early estimations also predict that by 2014, there will be over 185 billion mobile applications downloaded from various mobile application marketplaces.

Currently Apple and their Mobile Application Marketplace has complete dominance in the mobile application industry (Apple celebrated its 10 billion downloads from its mobile application marketplace in January 2011) and mobile application developers are predicting that it will take an additional 3 years (2014) until other mobile application marketplaces are able to compete with Apple’s mobile application marketplace. At the same time, this is not discouraging our mobile marketplaces from aggressively releasing as many mobile applications as possible. In fact, Google’s Android Marketplace has released more mobile applications from October 2010 to December 2010 than Apple’s mobile application marketplace; this gives evidence that a shift is slowly taking place.

As booming as the mobile application industry currently is, it seems that there is definitely room for more growth and revenue to be generated for mobile application developers. Everyday there are new mobile applications being released into various mobile application marketplaces and the demand for more mobile applications keep growing. The mobile application industry does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon and it would not be surprising if the mobile application industry becomes one of the most dominate industries in the high-tech world in the near future. Further more information about mobile application industry, visit at