The Mobile Smartphone War-Apple’s iPhone vs Google’s Android

The Mobile Smartphone War

Apple’s iPhone vs Google’s Android

The Mobile Application Industry is one of the most competitive growing industries in the market today. Every month there are millions of mobile applications that are being released and every year there are new mobile devices that hit the market. In the past few years, two mobile devices which have really claimed their spot in the mobile industry are the Apple iPhone and Google Android. Both of these devices are top-selling Smartphone devices in the mobile market and both have experienced tremendous success and growth

With such strong demand and attention being paid to the iPhone and Android, the debate often centers on which mobile device is better. There have been thousands of conflicting reports from many mobile “experts” in the industry that claim one mobile device is better than the other but one report separates itself from the rest as it gives a clear indication on what mobile device is better for what purpose.  In the following article we will briefly discuss the key differences between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android mobile devices and why one may be better for you than the other.

Although both the Apple iPhone and Google Android perform a variety of similar functions and have many of the same capabilities, there are subtle differences in each mobile device which will either upgrade or downgrade your mobile experience.

It is claimed that when it comes to surfing the World Wide Web using web-centric browsers, the Android clearly outperforms the iPhone due to its easy browsing capabilities and screen quality. In fact, a survey recently conducted reveals that 92% of Android users utilize their mobile devices web connection features compared to 88% of iPhone users. The Android’s crisp clear screen capabilities also have the ability to enhance specific websites which would normally not be as clear on other mobile devices. At the same time, the way specific browsers buttons are located on the Android device makes it much easier to navigate through a variety of mobile websites compared to the iPhone.

On the other hand, when it comes to social networking activities, it is recognized that the Apple iPhone is the leader of this group. While Android users are more web-enabled, it can be claimed that iPhone users are more socially-enabled.  One of the main reasons for more socially-enabled iPhone users can be linked to the variety of social networking mobile applications available for the iPhone compared to other mobile devices such as the Android, Windows Phone 7 or Blackberry.

Another reason for why the iPhone may be more appealing for social networking compared to other mobile devices is that iPhone is tailored to all types of users and demographics compared to other Smartphones such as RIM’s Blackberry devices which are tailored more towards the corporate world.

So which one of these two powerhouse mobile platforms is better than the other? The truth is that both of these platforms are neck-to-neck when it comes to Smartphone capabilities/functionalities. At the end, when it comes to determining which device to pick, one can not go wrong with either device.