The Next Growing Mobile App Technologies

One of the most outstanding advancement in technology in the 21st century is that of the development of the Smartphone. The opening up of mobile telephone network and development of stylish communication gadgets has truly revolutionized communication across the world. The mobile communication is advancing both from the hardware and software perspective thanks to stiff competition amongst the industry players. The development of the next generation mobile application platforms is a continual process that focuses on mobile app development. Currently, the major mobile operating systems competing in the industry include iOS, Android, Symbian OS, Ubuntu Touch, Tizen, BlackBerry, webOS and Windows Mobile. Each of the mobile app development platforms competes to get the best applications for their client’s use in business, entertainment and other utilities.

Mobile Application Development Scope for various functions

Currently, the android app development and the iPhone application development platforms are leading in market share even though the windows platform is quickly catching up. The Smartphones are used for various purposes and this has shaped the demand for mobile application development. For example in the business application development, Blackberry OS has for long attracted business people because of its advanced security and reliability. Features such as the encryption of mails have greatly assisted in business communication. Therefore, the scope of most applications being developed cover security features, simplifying the interface for ease of use, ability to satisfy client’s needs and uniqueness. Developers are also working to improve on the heterogeneous deployment of applications such that different operating software can comfortable accommodate the application

Upcoming trends of mobile applications

Mobile game development which is common in both Android and iOS has advanced to amazing level with improvement in hardware and networking features. Most game applications today have amazing capabilities in allowing multiple players across the world. Thanks to fast connection speeds and superior graphics. Recently there have been conflicts about the patents owned by different mobile platforms. In future this infringement of copyright issues might be reduced as mobile applications might be mounted on any platform. This would allow developers to earn from different platforms and users to enjoy applications which are available both in the android app development and the iPhone application development platforms. There have also been calls to personalize applications to suit individual needs. This would allow users to introduce their own preference or for applications to automatically adapt to specific users preferences and levels.

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To effectively examine the future of mobile app development, there is need to understand the current market where android application development is the most outstanding followed by the iPhone app development platform commonly known as iOS. There is a deliberate effort to improve on the personal usage, business and entertainment aspects of the mobile applications. Since most Smartphones users are youthful, the mobile game development is proving to be a lucrative field for most developers in all the platforms. Mobile games are defining the trend of application development followed closely by business applications which require more security trust from the users.

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