The Rise of Android and Competition within the Smartphone Industry

Within the last year, major smartphone manufactures such as Apple, Windows Mobile and Blackberry have been facing fierce competition from Google’s Android Operating System and the introduction of the HTC 1. Apple and their line of iPhone Smartphones (iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5) have long been considered the top Smartphone in the Mobile Industry due to the user-friendly interface and vast variety of mobile application on their iOS Mobile Application Marketplace but with a shift in popularity, Apple, Windows and Blackberrymight be taking a step backward as Google takes steps forward.

Many mobile application developers and mobile app experts who work closely with the Smartphone industry are starting to shift their focus more towards developing quality mobile applications for the Android platform compared to the iOS platforms which they used to do before. This by no means implies that mobile application developers are no longer paying iOS mobile applications any attention (because they still are) but their primary focus has now focused on Android mobile applications. When speaking with a mobile application developer from a well-known mobile application development firm in the United States, the mobile app developer stated the following:

“With the rise and popularity of the new HTC 1, our mobile application development team and mobile app developers have seen an increased demand for mobile applications to be developed for the Android operating system and a decrease in mobile applications to be developed for the iOS platform. By no means am I saying that people no longer want iOS mobile applications but there has been a noticeable shift and focus on Android mobile application compared to a year ago. The future for Android is bright while the future of Apple is slowly finding itself struggling to keep up with Android”

While this may start becoming a concern for Apple, many Smartphone and Mobile Application developers feel that Apple has cemented its place in the Smartphone and Mobile Application Industry so strongly that they will never fall too far behind and face the risk of losing customers. On the other hand, Smartphone and Mobile Application Developers feel that Android will soon be the number one selling Smartphones throughout the world and Apple’s iOS will be number two. Read more for Android Application Development.

Competition is good in any industry and now that Apple finally has some real competition with the Android Platforms and HTC 1, it will be interesting to see what Apple and other Smartphone manufactures next step will be to counter the rising popularity of Android and HTC 1. The future is very bright for the Smartphone and mobile application industry and as long as the demand is there, the competition will continue as corporations such as Google, Apple, RIM and Windows battle the field to take sole possession as the number one Smartphone and Mobile Application Marketplace in the Wireless industry.

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