The Rise of Mobile Applications and Mobile Malware has Created Need for Security

The Rise of Mobile Applications and Mobile Malware has Created Need for Security

McAfee Creates Mobile Malware Security Software for Smartphones

In the past few years, mobile applications have taken great steps forwarded and the popularity/demand for them have grown to a point where they are starting to bypass computer software applications. At the same time, many hackers are starting to target mobile smartphones devices as a means of stealing valuable information from individuals. Many mobile application developers and “experts” believe that Mobile Malware is going to grow tremendously this year and become a major issue which Smartphone users will need to be aware of.

As a result of the increase of mobile malware, McAfee Software has decided to beef up there presence in the mobile security device industry by launching its new mobile security suite and business ready program designed to lock down Smartphone devices that are owned by consumers that also use them for business use. Many corporations and businesses are starting to become concerned that consumers who use their Smartphone device for both personal and business use are open to mobile malware thru avenues such as emails, text/picture/voice messages, mobile applications and so forth. These corporations/companies cannot compromise valuable information and McAfee Software believed there was enough need for them to develop the mobile security suite.

One of the major threats to mobile smartphone devices are thru mobile applications primarily because they are developed from third-party mobile application developers and there is no way of identifying if an individual is downloading a mobile application developed from a hacker or the mobile application is really valid and legit. If an individual mistakenly downloads a mobile application virus, then there is potential for threats of losing data, theft of personal information and mobile malware.

McAfee’s “Business Ready” Mobile Security Suite bundles together McAfee’s WaveSecure and VirusScan Mobile technologies which allows users to perform a variety of security functions such as remotely lock their smartphone device, locate, back-up, wipe and restore stolen or lost devices while also protecting them from mobile device malware threats. McAfee is also planning on another ‘Business Ready” program planned to launch the second quarter which will give users the ability to pre-load or load McAfee Endpoint Mobility Management client software with McAfee Mobile Security Consumer client technology.

McAfee and many other “experts” in the mobile industry believe that this mobile security software will make corporations/companies more comfortable with their employees using their Smartphone devices for both business and personal use. With mobile applications in such great demand and the popularity of these mobile applications growing everyday, McAfee has taken the wise decision to create a software program which will give the security features necessary to block malware threats which can infect a Smartphone thru avenues such as text/picture messages and mobile applications.

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