The Rise of the Mobile Application Development Wave?

The Mobile and Wireless Industry is considered one of the most promising, up and coming industries today. Companies such as Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Palm and Samsumg are growing and benefiting greatly from the high demand of mobile devices and the wide array of mobile applications that follow. In the past, mobile phones were used solely for the purposes of conducting phone calls, but in present day mobile phones are now used for a wide variety of functionalities ranging from phone calls to surfing the web or watching television.

With so much attention and growth seen in the mobile industry, many Investors and Venture Capitalists are starting to invest heavily into mobile application start-up companies and small-mid size social networking companies in hopes of getting their feet into the next Facebook or Twitter before it is too late. The emergence of the iPhone, Andriod, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 Mobile Markets gives investors’ optimism that they will be able to create the next mobile application that will emerge as the top selling app in specific mobile marketplaces.

As promising and appealing as these ventures may initially seem, Venture Capitalists and Investors should remember that a similar trend happened about a decade ago during the “dotcom” boom and the ball eventually fell back to the ground. It must be realized that although there is room for tremendous growth and success in the mobile industry, there will also be fierce competition from all corners of the globe which will make it extremely difficult to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage in the mobile market.

For that reason, it may be wise for Venture Capitalists to invest in established mobile application development companies who have already proven their expertise in the market rather than jumping on the unproven inexperienced start-up companies. Remember to ride this new wave in technology cautiously because even though the wave may be big to begin with; very rarely does it maintain its power before crashing down.