The New Trend of Restaurants Implementing Mobile Applications

Today, a significant percentage of the population owns a smartphone. We are all aware of the growing trend of reliability/dependency on smartphones owing to the supported technological advancements they have. With smartphones now offering a variety of software apps ranging from apps to book your travel, Maps, shopping apps to locating a nearby ATM, Smartphones can now help businesses to connect with their customers. Nevertheless the size of your business, mobile apps can help you reach the next level.

Many businesses have started to take advantage of these mobile apps. One such business that can benefit from this can be the restaurant business. Let’s review the benefits of mobile apps for Restaurants –

  1. Connect and engage with customers faster
  2. Provide GPS directions feature in the app
  3. Can enable online food ordering system, table bookings etc. all through the customised restaurant app
  4. Facilitate push notifications to the customer regarding special discounts, offers on food.
  5. Help customer choose from the various loyalty programs through the app
  6. Notify the customer through a text message sent from the app once his/her table is ready, reducing the queueing time.
  7. Simultaneously, notify the kitchen staff once the customer is seated, helping to take orders faster, all through the app.
  8. Take door orders at one click through the app.
  9. Customers can share their favourite food with friends and relatives through the social media share option.

10. Showcase the food items (menu) to the customers through the app

11. Receive customer feedback from the app

12. Help restuarants keep track of the orders placed

13. Ease of online payment

To sum up the above, a custom restaurant app can help reduce the hassles, the queueing time, facilitiate quick service, increase the restaurant sales, engage more customers thereby increasing customer satisfaction providing the customer with the best dining experience.

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