University Students Developing Mobile Applications for the Hotel Industry

University Students Developing Mobile Applications for the Hotel Industry

It has already been noted in previous articles that the mobile application industry is becoming so big and the demand for mobile apps are growing so intense that many universities and educational institutions are now offering classes on mobile application development and how to become a mobile application developer. Ohio State University is one of these universities that is offering mobile application development courses to their students and in one of their mobile app development classes, the students are developing an actual real-life mobile iPhone application development for the Apple iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace.

Ohio State University students have started working on a mobile application for the hotel industry, specifically a hotel named the Atherton Hotel. Their goal is to create a mobile application which will allow visitors of the hotel to give feedback about their stay at the hotel. Since mobile applications are playing such a large role in the world of technology, Atherton hotel wanted to find an effective and efficient way to connect to their clients and get feedback in a timely organized manner. After looking at various options, they realized that developing a mobile application would be the best way to go about achieving that goal. From there, two individuals who had previously not known each other got introduced to each other and they formed a partnership where they would develop a mobile application for the hotel industry.

The mobile application development process for this specific mobile application will be a two to three semester process and if everything goes as planned, the students hope to have a perfectly functioning mobile application by the end of Fall 2013 or early Spring 2014. One mobile application expect who recently heard about this project being done at Ohio State University had the following to say: “I think this is a great idea that students are learning about mobile application development and actually developing a mobile application at the same time. Most classes which I have heard about only teach students the basics on developing mobile applications but they do not actually develop a real mobile application or work on a mobile app project until they get in the working world; this is great experience and will truly benefit these students in the long run. I wish when I was learning about mobile application development that we got to work on such projects like this; it would have made my classes much more fun and entertaining”.

The future is certainly bright for the mobile application industry and the more students which start training into becoming mobile application developers, the better it will be for this growing industry. With so much demand for mobile applications, many mobile application development firms are running low on resources to support the demand for mobile application projects so by having more resources on the market for hire, it will assist these mobile application development firms if they need to ramp up their resources by hiring more mobile application developers. Ohio State University and their mobile application development program is certainly heading in the right direction and they have a bright future ahead.

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