V-Soft, Inc. Develops Language Translation Mobile Application

V-Soft, Inc. Develops Language Translation Mobile Application


Spectra to Be First Real-Time Language Translations Mobile App

With the mobile application industry continuously picking up momentum and new innovation/mobile app ideas being brought onto various mobile application marketplaces, it is clear to see that the future is certainly bright for mobile applications and mobile application developers. V-Soft, Inc. a California base mobile application development firm recently announced that they are developing a new mobile application for a major U.S.-based corporation which will change the way people interact and communicate between various languages.

V-Soft, Inc, has recently developed a new mobile application called Spectra- which is a language translation iOS mobile application which is set to be released on Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace in the near future. Spectra is one of the first real time language translation mobile applications on the market today and it is expected to change the way individuals communicate for the simple fact that it does language translation in real-time speed.

For example, if an individual were to speak into the mobile application in English, the mobile app would instantly convert the word/sentence into a different selected language and let the end-user either hear or read the translated word/sentence instantly. Spectra is expected to bridge the language barrier between conversational partners by providing a seamless translation of a user’s input into the language of his conversational partner. Currently, Spectra support English-to-Spanish translation with more language pairs expected to be released in the coming months.

Many mobile application developers and mobile application “experts” believe this mobile application will be a game-changing mobile app in the language translation/communication spectrum of mobile apps and expect a lot of Apple App users to download and use this mobile application. V-Soft stated that this voice translation mobile application is just a small piece of a bigger project which their end-client is currently working on and to expect many upgrades and expanded versions of this mobile application in the marketplace later this year. It is also not known if the end-client and V-Soft, Inc will later develop this mobile application for other Smartphones such as Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 but currently they want to focus on Apple’s app marketplace and get feedback/reviews before expanding to other Smartphone Platforms.

The mobile application industry is continuing to build momentum and V-Soft, Inc is one of the few mobile application development firms who have been in the mobile application industry from the start. With an impressive resume of mobile applications already on their resume, V-Soft Inc is expected to expand their mobile apps development services and take on much larger projects this year due to all the demand they are receiving for mobile application development. The future is certainly bright for V-Soft, Inc, Mobile application developers and the mobile application industry as a whole as we continue to innovate and develop new mobile applications that are changing the world.