V-Soft, Inc. Sits Down with Mobile Application Developers

V-Soft, Inc. Sits Down with Mobile Application Developers

Five Key Questions which Surround the Mobile App World

With so much competition and demand for mobile applications, one common question which often comes up is: When is the mobile app industry going to level off and demand for mobile app decrease? Is the mobile application craze just a fad or will it be here to stay? In order to find the answer to those questions, V-Soft, Inc – a mobile application development firm located in California recently interviewed some mobile application developers and mobile app “experts” and got the answer to those questions and more.

In the following blog, we will discuss questions we asked these mobile application developers and mobile app “experts” and elaborate on their answers.

  1. The mobile application industry has really been picking up steam the past few years and is one of the “in” things recently; do you expect this trend to continue or will it fad into the background over time?Mobile Application Developers Response: We def see the mobile application industry heading in the right direction and truly believe that it has not even got close to its peak yet. The world is continuously going wireless and people are in need for information and data on the go; mobile apps have the ability to give all that and much more at the fingertips of the user. I firmly believe that the mobile application industry will continue to grow for the next 10 years and the future is very bright for the mobile app industry.
  2. What makes you believe that the mobile app industry is not just a fad; but it is in fact here to stay?Mobile Application Developers Response: The reason why we do not believe it is a fad is because if you look at technology, everything is heading to wireless communication. No longer are people sitting at their desk in front of their PC waiting to access information. People now want their information when they are in their cars driving, when they are in the airplane traveling, when they are running into a meeting: people need their information on the go and that is the biggest benefit of mobile applications: the ability for people to access information on the go. That is why we do not believe it is a fad; people will always need information/data available to them…now they have a much easier, convenient way of getting it: thru mobile apps.
  3. Apple’s iPhone has always dominated the mobile application landscape with its large availability of mobile apps for one to download onto their iPhone device; Which Smartphone platform do you see competing with Apple’s iPhone in the near future? Mobile Application Developers Response: Right now, Google’s Android Smartphone has been taking great strides in competing with the iPhone and other Smartphone devices on the market today. I would say that the Android is the leading competition that Apple currently has but Microsoft is also not that far behind with the release of its Windows Mobile 7 Smartphone. RIM’s Blackberry has been slowly fading into the background but they have plans to release some groundbreaking Smartphone devices in the future as well. Right now, Apple’s iPhone is the clear cut leader with Google’s Android not far behind.
  4. What segments in mobile applications do you see generate the most demand?Mobile Application Developers Response: From our experiences, it seems that most individuals are looking to develop mobile gaming applications and also location based mobile applications. Since the release of mobile gaming apps like Angry Birds and MadChad, the demand and potential for mobile gaming applications to be successful is tremendous and has generated a great buzz in the development area. A lot of people are also interested in developing location-based mobile applications for business enterprise solutions.
  5. With so much demand for mobile applications, what is the average time it takes to fully develop and release a mobile app onto the market?Mobile Application Developers Response: It really depends on the mobile application which the clients want to develop. For some complex mobile apps, the timeframe can range anywhere from 3-8 months while some basic mobile applications take only 2-5 months to fully develop and release. At the end of the day, it really depends on the complexity and functionalities of the mobile application which the end-client wants to develop.

The interviews conducted by V-Soft, Inc included 3 senior mobile application developers and 2 mobile application “experts” and the answers were compiled into short answers for the purpose of the article. The opinions expressed by the mobile app developers are not factual but strictly based on their personal opinion after being in the mobile application industry for years.