Five ways custom mobile application can simplify work for your employees and increase productivity

5 ways custom mobile application can simplify work for your employees and increase productivity.

In this day and age of over complexity and ever low attention span, you need to make sure your organization is working hard to make the work process simple and easy for the employees because that’s the key to more productivity.

Here are 5 ways how custom mobile applications can simplify the work for you and your employees.

Easy to Develop

Android and iOS cover majority of the mobile market so mobile app development is much easier than a web application. Why?

Because you have to care about just platforms, android and iOS while if you were to build a web app that can be used on desktops or laptop you need to make sure it works in every single browser & test you app in all of them.

So that will radically increases the complexity of the app development process and not to mention it’s going to be that hard to update and maintain it because every time you update your app you need to update it for all the browsers and test it in all the browsers.


You can create much more consistent experience in your apps on mobile because your app doesn’t rely on other application to be able to work. You just tap open them and they work by themselves.

Where as in case of web application your app relies on web browsers & they all are designed with different companies with different goals so the exact same application will look different in different web browsers.

These mobile browsers are built on different technologies & have their own “games of rules” sort of speak and you have to play by them.

And since your mobile application doesn’t depend on any other application you are free to create the experience as you wish completely from scratch & you can keep it consistent across both the platforms.

Mobility & Portability

Mobile applications by definition give leverage to your business – they are mobile. How useful your desktop app will be if your employee is on the field – not at all because he won’t have access to the application until he gets back in the office.

On the other hand you mobile application can be of immense value to the employees on the field, doesn’t matter if you have new reports on the crime scene or a pizza delivery guy – the ability to be able to do use an application on the go can be useful to almost every organization.

Simplified Creativity

Mobile devices have every creative app that’s available on a desktop and more, for example a camera.

Let’s say run a creative photo boutique which requires taking several photos and editing them. First of all your employees can’t carry their heavy desktops with them and they don’t have good cameras if they have any camera.

So they need to carry a camera and a laptop, take photos using their cameras, transfer them over to their desktop and then start editing them and then publish them.

Well if you invest in mobile application instead of desktop application your employees can do their job all from one device, the one they already have in their pocket.

Simplified Communication

Being on the same page is one of the most difficult challenges every organization has to tackle. You can have update log on a central server and hope that everyone reads them as soon as there is an update or you can email all of your employees but guess how many other emails are waiting in their inbox when they show up for work tomorrow morning?

Well, how about a simple push notification on a device that’s always within the 3 feet of all of your employees and it’s not cluttered like their email.

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