Will New iPhone have an Impact on the Mobile Application Industry?

With the rumors of a new iPhone 5 to be introduced later this year, many smartphone application development firms, business phone application developers and mobile application forums have been buzzing about what new feature the new iPhone will have and what type of impact it will have with mobile applications and Apple’s’ iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace. While most mobile application developers do not believe a major change in mobile application development will occur with the new iPhone, there are some mobile application developer and mobile application development firms that believe that minor improvements in the new iPhone will have an impact on how mobile applications are developed and used. Apple has been pretty strict on keeping information about the new iPhone confidential so right now all mobile application developers, mobile application development firms and individuals who write on mobile app development firms can do is speculate on what changes/improvements there will be with the new iPhone and how it will impact mobile applications.

One change which some developers believe will happen is the possibility that the new iPhone will have a larger screen which will allow it to have better resolution on the screen. The change in more precise crispy resolution will mean that mobile application developers and mobile app development firms will need to develop their mobile applications to support the higher resolution screen in order to take full advantage of the features which the iPhone will offer. While resolution change is not considered a major mobile application development overhaul, it still takes time and something which mobile application developers need to consider not only for pre-existing mobile applications but also for new mobile applications which they will be releasing into the mobile app marketplace. One other possibility (although many mobile application developers and mobile application development firms believe it is a slim one) is that the new iPhone will be able to support 3-D images on its screen. Having the ability to have 3-D images shown on the iPhone screen will be a huge step for Smartphone technology but even a larger step for mobile application development as mobile app developers and mobile application development firms will have to completely learn a new technology and develop mobile applications to support 3-D imaging on Smartphones. iPhone mobile game development will also get the attention of the industry.

An obvious change which all mobile application developers and mobile app development firms we spoke to agreed upon is that the release of the new iPhone will lead to the increase of more mobile applications into various mobile application marketplaces. Whenever there has been a release of a new iPhone, Apple has seen an increase in sales and number of iPhone sold and many mobile application developers, mobile application “experts” believe that the release of the new iPhone will once again top the sales of previous iPhone models which will in turn lead to a higher demand for mobile applications and mobile application development. One mobile application developer who was recently interviewed stated the following with regards to the increase of demand for mobile applications with the release of the new iPhone: “I firmly believe that when the new iPhone is release later this year, Apple mobile application industry will experience a fresh new large wave of demand and popularity for mobile applications, specifically mobile gaming applications and the number of mobile application downloads will increase to a number never before seen in the mobile application industry. As scary as it may seem, the mobile app industry and mobile app development is still in its early stages of growth and it will continue to grow for at least the next ten years until a new groundbreaking technology or device (such as the Smartphone) is introduced into the market where the average individual can purchase the device and use it”

With each new technology or Smartphone that is released, it is safe to assume that it will continue to build upon the already stable and growing mobile application marketplace and the momentum will continue to pick up at a new level never experienced before. Even though it is impossible to predict the future, evidence from the past few years are showing that the mobile application development ball is rolling and picking up momentum with each passing day and each new Smartphone that enters the marketplace. Mobile Application developer and mobile app development firms certainly have a bright future ahead of themselves but at the same time, they need to remain onto of the new technology/features that are being released in Smartphones to ensure that they do not fall behind and lose business with other mobile application developers/mobile application development firms who will surely fight to beat out their competition in this aggressive mobile application industry.

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