Windows Passes the 80,000 Mobile Application Submission Milestone

As Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace and Android’s Droid Mobile Application Marketplace continue to increase in popular and the number of mobile applications¬†available¬†for download increase with each passing day, other competitors such as Microsoft are starting to feel pressure to amp up their mobile application marketplaces to ensure they do not fall to far behind with the competition. Fortunately for Microsoft and their Windows Phone 7, their mobile application marketplace recently just passed the 80,000 mobile application submissions mark and is on pace to break the 100,000 mobile app submission mark in late May. This is a huge improve for Microsoft and their Windows Phone 7 as there were concerns from some mobile application developers and mobile app “experts” that they may fall so far behind in the market that it would be very hard for them to make it up.

Further research into Microsoft’s mobile application marketplace showed that the highest number of mobile application submissions came from the US region (which had 69,123 mobile application submissions) followed by the UK, France, and Spain. Microsoft’s mobile application marketplace averages about 340 new mobile application submissions per day and that rate is expected to increase going forward. One of the key reasons why some mobile application developers believe that the Windows mobile application development marketplace has been picking up lately can be directed to the new Windows 7 mobile platform which was recently introduced last year.

As long as Apple’s application development including the iPhone mobile game development and Google’s Android application development (and their Android Mobile App Marketplace) continue to generate attention from a majority of Smartphone users, other major corporations such as Microsoft and RIM will need to do everything in their power to amp up their mobile application marketplace with new intriguing mobile applications and mobile application services to attract users and bring in new users. The demand and popularity for mobile applications are certainly there but the goal is to sway users from the mainstream top two popular brands and bring them towards other successfully corporations such as Microsoft.

The future of mobile applications and mobile application marketplaces continue to grow and so does the competition between these mobile application marketplaces. Fortunately for these corporations, the demand and need for mobile apps is so large that there should be enough users in each mobile application marketplace for each mobile app store to be successful and survive in this competitive marketplace. The future is certainly bright for mobile application development firms, mobile application developers and mobile application users and the competition between these major companies will only add more fuel to this growing industry.

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