Windows & RIM Looks to Gain Smartphone and Mobile App Market Share

As companies like Apple and Google continue to be leaders in the Smartphone and Mobile Application Industry, other major corporations like Windows and RIM are doing everything in their power to remain in the Smartphone/Mobile App race and not fall behind. Since touchscreen Smartphones started becoming popular to the general public, Apple and their line of iPhones have been leading the way in Smartphone sales in the past year or so; Google and their Android Operating System has also taken giant strides to compete right next to Apple for a share in the Smartphone / Mobile Application industry leader. On the other side of the spectrum, Windows and RIM have been putting a lot more focus and emphasis on their Smartphones and Mobile Applications in hope of gaining more market share in the Smartphone and Mobile Application Industry.

Some experts in the Smartphone and Mobile Application Industry feel that one of the best ways which Windows and RIM will be able to increase their Smartphone sales and presence in the wireless world is to put more emphasis on the mobile application app store and make it more appealing to customers. Some mobile application development firms and mobile application developers believe that the type of mobile applications that a Smartphone can support has a profound impact on an individual’s decision to purchase a specific Smartphone over another. For example, Apple and Google has a greater hold in the Smartphone market due to the fact that their mobile application app stores are the largest and have the most variety of mobile applications for individuals to download compared to Windows and RIM. Fortunately for Windows and RIM the mobile application industry is booming at such a rapid pace that it would not be too difficult for them to increase the number of mobile applications that are available in their mobile application marketplaces and attract a larger audience.

One Senior Mobile Application Developer, which we spoke to recently, stated:

“The mobile application industry has such a profound impact and influence on Smartphones that Smartphone manufacturers not only need to focus on the hardware of their Smartphone device but also now need to put emphasis on the type of mobile application marketplace they make available to their customers. If a manufacturer develops a top of the art Smartphone which is perfect in every way but does not have a mobile app marketplace to download mobile applications onto the Smartphone device then the Smartphone will probably not succeed as much as a Smartphone which has only half the features of the top of the line phone but has a large number of mobile applications in their mobile app marketplace for individuals to download mobile apps onto their Smartphone” Click Here to get more information on Windows Mobile Application Development.

While it is impossible to predict what the future holds in the Smartphone and mobile application industry, one thing which is certain is that their is a bright future ahead for all Smartphone and mobile application developers and their is still lots of opportunity and potential for all companies to succeed. While Apple and Google currently hold the lead in Smartphone and Mobile Application marketshare, it is strongly believed that their is enough of a market that other companies such as Windows and RIM still has a chance to succeed and attract a solid customer base.

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