Advancements in Mobile Applications

As the mobile application industry continues to grow and more individuals start incorporating mobile applications within their daily lives, one new sector in the mobile application industry which has been rising is the ability for mobile application developers and mobile app development firms to develop mobile applications which allow users to capture bio-metrics of themselves, other individuals or their pets. Given that fact that many individuals carry their Smartphones on them for a majority of the day, mobile applications within a smartphone is the best way to capture habits of individuals and how they operate throughout their days.

A common example of a mobile application which has been developed to capture an individuals bio-metrics are mobile applications that track the number of steps or miles an individual has walked in a given day. Using the ability of location detection and GPS, mobile applications can capture an individuals location at a given time and follow the path he or she takes to their destination and then rely via the mobile application how far an individual may have walked, an estimated number of calories an individual may have burned, how long it took that individual to walk to their destination and much more. Capturing this information via mobile applications will allow users to track their daily habits and learn much more about themselves than before. Read more about advancement of mobile apps development.

Mobile Application Developers and Mobile App Development firms are very excited about this new avenue of mobile applications and see a lot of potential in it. One mobile application developer who we spoke to recently stated the following regarding biometrics and mobile applications:

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“With the mobile application industry continuously growing and becoming more advanced, the use of mobile apps to learn about individuals behavior patterns and habits is slowly going to change the way individuals conduct their lives. By having a device which can give you real-time specific analytics about your daily activities (or your pet, child, son/daughter) allow individuals to not only learn about themselves but also make adjustments to improve their lives for the better. In the past there was no specific way to track an individuals daily minute by minute habits unless he/she had a watch on which captured information such as the number of steps taken or miles walked but mobile applications allow users to be much more in-depth in their analysis and break these analytics down into different formats such as in graphs and charts. In addition to capturing your own information, an individual can also now consider putting on a dog collar which relies information to an individuals smartphone so individuals know specific patterns or habits of their pets”

As the mobile application industry continues to grow and become an integral part of peoples lives, it will only be a matter of time before mobile applications will be able to capture important health information on individuals such as their breathing patterns, sleep patterns, and so forth. This information will be key to allowing doctors learn more about an individual and how to treat them. The mobile application industry has a bright future ahead and as we continue to advance in mobile app development, our society and world will continue to learn more about ourselves and the ways to improve the way we live.


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