Apple Looks to Remain on Top with Release of iOS 7

A lot of excitement is starting to mount up as Apple prepares to release their latest operating system – iOS 7this upcoming fall. Apple has faced a lot of criticism the past year as other Smartphone manufactures such as Samsung, Nokia and Windows have upgraded their Smartphones to compete with Apples’ iPhone and the rising popularity and increasing demand for the Android OS has given Apple the most competition it has faced since rising to the top of the Smartphone and Mobile Application industry.

Apple has realized the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest operating systems and have tailored their iOS 7 to be at the top end of the curve when it comes to top quality operating systems in the market today. In addition to the latest operating system, mobile application development firms, mobile applications developers and mobile app insiders are also stating that Apple plans on putting much more emphasis on their mobile gaming applications in the future to increase their mobile application downloads from their mobile application marketplace. With the rising popularity of Apple TV, some mobile app developers and mobile application development firms believe that it will be only a matter of time when an individual can download a mobile gaming application onto their iPhone and play the game on a full television screen via Apple TV. In fact, the possibility of this happening is so close that there have been leaks from various websites that Apple has already designed a video game controller which will connect via bluetooth to the Apple TV and will be able to be used on mobile gaming applications when individuals wish to play mobile gaming applications.

With the release of iOS 7 and new emphasis on mobile gaming applications, Apple clearly looks to take steps forward in regaining a strong market share and loyalty it had with individuals in the Smartphone and Mobile Application Industry. One senior mobile application developer that we spoke to regarding Apple’s iOS 7 stated the following:

“Apple realizes that the competition in the Smartphone and Mobile Application Industry is increasing to the point where they may fall behind and no longer be the industry leader in Smartphone and mobile application downloads and they are making drastic changes to ensure they remain on the top and not get overtaken by Google, Windows or RIM. The mobile application and smartphone industry has grown so competitive in the past year that if companies do not continue to find new ways to improve their offerings then they will fall behind and may never regain a competitive advantage again. Our mobile application development firm feels that this happened on a small scale to Blackberry and now they are struggling to regain market share to a Smartphone market that they once dominated. Our entire mobile application development firm and all of our mobile application developers feel that Apple realizes this and are making the necessary changes to ensure that history does not repeat itself”.

While the Smartphone and mobile application industry continues to grow each year, companies such as Apple, Google, Windows and RIM are starting to realize the importance of always coming out with new software and hardware to keep their customers engaged and satisfied in the cut-throat industry of wireless technology. As we progress into the future it will be very interesting to see how mobile applications evolve and what new Smartphones are released into the market but until then it is fairly safe to say that Apple and Google are the industry leaders when it comes to Smartphones and Mobile Applications. While no one can predict the future, one certainty is that the Smartphone and mobile application industry has a very bright and prosperous future ahead.

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