Mobile Application Firms Purchasing Other Mobile Application Companies

Mobile Applications, specifically Mobile Gaming Applications have become such a big deal within the mobile application and Smartphone industry that mobile application development firms are rushing to buy other mobile application development companies who have successfully launched mobile gaming applications which have had success in various mobile application marketplaces such as Apple’s iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace or Android’s Droid Mobile Application Marketplace. This is no surprise or nothing new that larger companies are buying small successful companies but what is surprising is the amount of money and how quickly these small companies are being bought based off one successful mobile gaming application.

A situation like this most recently occurred recently when Zynga bought a company called OMGPop for $180 million. OMGPop has been around for about 6 years now and they focus on releasing a variety of mobile gaming applications onto the mobile app development marketplace. About 6 weeks ago, OMGPop released a game called DrawSomething; DrawSomething became an instant sensation and climbed up to number 1 on the mobile application download charts within just a few weeks; it also had over 35 million downloads so far. Zynga felt that OMGPop and their new DrawSomething mobile application has the potential to be the next AngerBirds so instead of waiting until the value of the game/company increased, Zynga decided it would be in their best interest to purchase the entire company right away.

This is a prime example of how booming and how much revenue potential there is to be made within the mobile application industry. Large companies are instantly considering or are actually purchasing other companies as soon as there is a hit mobile gaming application on the market. The demand, popularity and interest for mobile applications, specifically mobile gaming applications have become so large that there is no time to wait for the right time….because the right time is now. Mobile App developers believe if they are able to develop one mobile application that can be a hit, then they can potentially be able to sell that mobile application (or company) and be set to retire for life. The toughest part is with so much competition from other mobile applications today, they must compete and fight their way to the top of the charts with mobile application downloads.

Examples of Zynga and OMGPop is further evidence of how much popularity and demand there are not only for mobile application developers but also for mobile application companies. The growing industry of mobile applications, specifically mobile gaming applications is slowly hitting its prime and the mobile application development firms dealing in iPhone application development and android application development that are able to develop and release a successful mobile application certainly has a bright future ahead of themselves.

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