Mobile Applications in the Gas Station Industry

A new industry that is looking into adopting mobile applications is the fuel and gas station industry. Many mobile application developers, mobile application development firms and mobile application “experts” have been speaking with numerous gas station / fuel companies in the past year exploring the possibilities of incorporating mobile application into gas stations. While this idea is still a while away, mobile app developers, mobile application “experts” and mobile application development firms all believe that it is certainly possible and gas stations are capable of integrating mobile applications into their gas stations.

While the functionalities and features that mobile applications will have within gas stations are yet not clearly defined, mobile application developers, mobile app “experts” and mobile application development firms believe that gas station and fuel companies want to develop mobile applications which give the ability for users to perform the following tasks:

Ability to Pay for Gas:

An individual would drive up to a gas station pump where the mobile application will use geo-location tracking to detect that the individual / vehicle has pulled up to a specific gas station (and pump). From there the individual would scan the gas station pump with the mobile device and use that as a payment method to purchase their gas. Details on how an individual will choose between low grade / mid grade and high grade gas is still unknown but this is the initial thoughts of mobile applications being integrated with gas stations.

Ability for Individuals to track Gas Fill Up history:

Mobile Applications will track the day / time an individual filled up their gas, the amount they paid for the gas and also the number of gallons which were put into the vehicle during the specific fill up. This will give users more specific analytics on their vehicle, driving habits, gas purchasing trends and so forth.

Ability for Individuals to locate the nearest gas station:

Mobile Applications will use location detection to locate where an individual is located and the nearest gas station close to him/her. The mobile application may also have the ability to give real-time updates on gas prices and notify the user if/when gas prices as specific gas stations have changed.

While these are only initial thoughts, theories and discussions which mobile application developers, mobile app development firms and mobile application “experts” have had, many believe that it will be only a matter of time before all of these mobile application functionalities become a reality and are integrated with gas stations all around the nation. Tesla Motors is a company which may lead the mobile application / gas station revolution as they have the greatest ability to use the software within their vehicles and incorporate it with fuelling pumps. Additionally as more vehicles are introduced into the market based heavily on software, it will be easier to integrate the mobile apps into those vehicles as well. For more information about the mobile applications, highly adopted by the major industries, kindly visit –

The mobile application industry is still in its introductory stages with the abilities and features they are able to perform and many believe that it will only be a matter of time before mobile applications will be everywhere and the impact it will have on individuals will be profound. The mobile application industry has a bright future ahead and mobile application developers and mobile app development firms must ensure they have the resources, capabilities and abilities to support the high influx of mobile application requests which will be arriving in the years ahead.

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