Four Ways Mobile Apps Democratize Marketing

4 Ways Mobile Apps Democratize Marketing

Always in front of customer

Getting in front of your customer or “getting your name out there” is what big companies thrive on and that’s what used to give them huge upside as compared to small companies who couldn’t spend a fortune on advertising.

Nike spends a billion dollars a year just to make sure that you recognize their logo. Companies like Coca Cola, Mercedes, Audi all do it and they have been doing it but it wasn’t possible for most of us just few short years ago.

However, today you can get a mobile app developed for few thousand dollars and have your customers download it for free and you will always be in front of them.

Your customers check their phones hundreds of times every day and if you get your logo on their phone they will see it several times a day.

Build brand & Recognition

Since you stay in front of your customers all the time and display your logo, guess who they will buy from when they need what you offer – your competitor or you?

Of course, they will buy from you because they recognize your brand and they have know your brand and trust it.

Direct Marketing Channel

The other most expensive task of marketing was to be able to create a marketing channel. What does it take to get your brand in whole foods chain or wal-mart or bed bath and beyond? Big production facilities, brand name, insiders contacts, etc.

What does it take to create a mobile app and put it on the app stores where 100s of millions of people can find you?

Just a couple of thousand dollars & couple of weeks.

And the biggest benefit of all is that app stores (iTunes or Google play) can’t get remove your app once it on the user’s phone while in case of wal-mart or whole foods if your products stops selling they will just remove it from the shelf and put a hot new product there and there is nothing you can do about it.

Inbound Marketing Channel

If marketing channel is one of the most expensive then inbound is the most valuable marketing channel you can have.


Let me ask you this… What are the most valuable websites on the internet?

I guess you answers included Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest.

Now, let me ask you what is the one thing they all have in common?

Well, probably only common thing & & other sites I mention have in common is that you go to them when you want to use them & you probably do it several times a day. Don’t you?

Most of the websites on the internet will be worthless if links stop working. Think about it. How will you find them? There is no way, at least not an easy one.

But you will still be able to find these sites. Why because, they have an inbound marketing channel.

And that’s what a mobile app can do for you. It will be there, right next to your customer, just three feet away on their phone and they will come to you if they want to use your product instead you chasing them.

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