Increase in Mobile Hacking via Mobile Application and Smartphone’s

Increase in Mobile Hacking via Mobile Application and Smartphone’s

There have been a lot of positives that the mobile application industry has blessed its users with and even with the demand for these mobile apps increasing everyday, one critical issue which is starting to draw a lot of attention is the problem with the increased amount of mobile malware and mobile hackers that have starting using Smartphone’s and Mobile Applications as an avenue for accessing an individuals personal information. This issue is starting to grow so large that many mobile application “experts” are starting to feel that unless mobile application developers start paying more attention to securely protecting the back-end systems of mobile apps, they are at risk of facing a lot of backlash from Smartphone and Mobile Application users.

One mobile application developer has been so concerned with this growing issue that he started doing some investigating on what causes the ability for hackers to use mobile applications and Smartphone’s as an avenue for capturing a users personal information; one of his conclusions was that many mobile application developers are not trained with proper coding practices and that often leads to open weaknesses in the mobile apps.

At the same time, even though it may be the easy to point the finger at the mobile application developer if a user’s personal information was compromised, it may be hard to prove or hold that mobile app developer accountable for the security mistakes. The reason why it is hard to locate exactly where the security breach took place is due to the fact that there are so many entities (Mobile Application developers, firmware makers, cell phone carriers, etc) within the Smartphone and mobile application ecosystem that it is difficult to accurately point to one specific cause.

With the increasing popularity and demand for mobile applications and Smartphone’s, it is only wise for all mobile application developers, mobile application firms, and mobile application “experts” to start focusing a lot of their attention not only on the mobile application development side of creating mobile apps development but also the security side of it. With all the advancements in technology within the past decade, it is becoming easier and easier for mobile application hackers to capture an individual’s personal information and unless mobile application and Smartphone developers start taking that into considering, this problem will continue to grow and may even compromise the mobile application industry as we know it.

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