Mobile Application Users Becoming Addicted

Mobile Application Users Becoming Addicted

Mobile Apps Started to have a Profound Effect on its Users

Mobile applications and mobile application marketplaces are becoming so popular and demanding in present day society that there have been recent studies conducted which claim that 83% of daily mobile application users believe that they are addicted to mobile apps. In fact, one individual even claimed that “Mobile Apps are like Xanax on a phone”. With so much popularity and demand for mobile applications, many mobile application “experts” and mobile application developers believe that users are still in the early stages of addiction for mobile applications and the addiction is expected to spread more as we progress into the future.

One may ask how anyone can become addicted to mobile applications on a Smartphone device such as Apple’s iPhone or iPad, Google’s Android or Windows Mobile 7. After doing some research and conducting a survey, it was revealed that one of the main reasons why people get addicted to mobile applications is because users claim that mobile applications expose them to new things (an alarming 91% of mobile app users stated that), while 87% of mobile app users say that mobile applications allow them to have fun no matter where the are in the world and what they are doing. The report also revealed that 77% rely on mobile applications as their personal assistant, while 75% say that mobile applications give them time to relax.

The report clearly reveals that mobile application users have different motives for why they use specific mobile applications and how their addiction for mobile applications starts. But one question which came up during a recent discussion on the mobile application industry was: How do mobile applications users discover and download mobile applications in the first place? With so many mobile apps available in various mobile application marketplaces, how does one become a user of a specific mobile application?

MTV reports that 53% of mobile application users downloaded and installed a mobile application onto their Smartphone because the mobile app was recommended from a personal friend or colleague while 52% claimed that they rely on user reviews of a specific mobile application before they decided to download it onto their Smartphone. 42% credited their motive to download a mobile application onto their Smartphone after seeing a friend use that particular mobile app and another 47% claimed they discovered a specific mobile application while browsing thru various mobile application marketplaces.

The mobile application industry is certainly gaining popularity as we advance into the future and more and more individuals start getting addicted to specific mobile applications (the most popular being mobile gaming applications and mobile organizing applications), the more fuel which will be given to this industry which is already moving at an extremely fast pace. The future is bright for mobile application developers/mobile application development firms and they can expect a lot more development for mobile applications as additional individuals start getting drawn into the world of mobile applications and mobile application marketplaces.

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