Smartphone Manufactures Focus on Mobile Applications for Advertising

Smartphone Manufactures Focus on Mobile Applications for Advertising

Mobile Apps a Key Element to Marketing Smartphone’s

One interesting observation which many mobile application developers and mobile app “experts” have been noticing in the past few months is the emphasis that Smartphone manufacturers put on mobile applications and mobile application marketplaces in their advertising. Currently in the United States, there are commercials and billboards everywhere for Smartphone’s. Every time an individual turns on the television, he/she will see a commercial for Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry or Windows Phone 7; but rather then these companies putting emphasis on the functionalities of the Smartphone device (shape, functionality, weight, etc); they put a lot of emphasis on the mobile applications which individuals can download onto that Smartphone or the mobile application marketplace which that specific Smartphone is tailored too.

What this shows us about the wireless mobile industry is the large influence that mobile applications and mobile application marketplaces have towards the whole mobile industry. One could claim that mobile applications are the heart which keeps this industry going and without mobile apps, the need/demand/popularity for Smartphone’s would be far less than it is today. Even with the fierce competition that there is between Smartphone manufacturers, the more fierce competition is between which mobile application marketplaces have the largest selection of mobile apps to download and install onto one’s Smartphone.

One mobile application developers and mobile application expect stated that: “without mobile applications, the whole Smartphone/Mobile industry would be completely different than it is today. Most Smartphone’s would be used primarily for corporate emails and surfing the web through the mobile devices browser and that would be it. There would be no mobile gaming for individuals to play games on their Smartphone, there would be no user-friendly ways for people to navigate through social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and their definitely would not be the demand for Smartphone’s as there is today. The whole landscape of wireless technology and mobility would be different if mobile applications and mobile application marketplaces did not exist”

The mobile community and more specifically, cell phone/Smartphone manufactures owe a lot of credit to mobile application developers, mobile applications and mobile app marketplaces for getting them the successes which they have been experiencing in the past few years. The mobile/Smartphone industry is expecting to grow and nearly double in the next few years and a major part of that can be linked to mobile applications and mobile application marketplaces which are available for users to download and install specifics mobiles apps onto their Smartphone devices. The whole industry as a whole is heading in the right direction and there is a bright future for Smartphone manufactures mobile application developers and the mobile application industry as a whole. Get more details about mobile apps a key element, visit at